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Social Energy are revolutionising the energy industry, by empowering homes and businesses across the world to take back control of their energy supply.

Green Electricity up to 70% cheaper

Social Energy is just like your current energy supplier in that they provide energy to your home for a price per unit. But Social Energy is so much more than that. Rather than just saving you money on your bills, Social Energy helps you to earn money.

You’ve already invested in a solar system on your roof. It’s already producing energy. But there’s a good chance you don’t know just how valuable that energy is. You’re utilising just a tiny fraction of the energy that you generate – Social Energy allows you to unlock your solar system’s full potential. So that you’ve got the power!

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How does Social Energy save you money?

Social Energy’s clever trading platform is like having a little energy stock broker working 24/7 to earn and save you money by trading your energy with the grid. This clever system knows how much energy you need and when you’ll need it so that it can trade any excess energy at the best times to maximise your energy savings.

Stock brokerage sounds pretty complex. But with Social Energy, it doesn’t have to be. Their trading platform is completely autonomous. But they still want you to be able to have control over your system. That’s why they give you a simple to use yet powerful app so that you can have as little or as much control as you want. This super smart system that SE provide you with is designed to save you up to 70% off your current electricity bill. In a few minutes, it will give you a complete rundown of how much you can save.

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