In-Roof Solar Panels

In roof solar panels serve two purposes – both as the roof covering and as generators of electricity.

What are In-Roof Solar Panels?

In-roof solar panels are also known as integrated solar panels. They are similar to traditional solar panels which are placed on top of your roof tiles or slates, but these panels are built into the roof so they replace a section of your roof with no tiles underneath. In-roof solar panels are designed to be weatherproof and to be as strong as normal roof tiles but also include the PV cells to generate electricity for your home.


Better Looking

Panels on a roof can look bulky and unattractive, but in-roof streamlined panels solve that problem. As they’re installed within the roof’s structure, they sit flush with the tiles and blend in more seamlessly.

Reduced Weight Issues

Having regular solar panels on top of tiles will add weight to the structure of the roof which could cause problems in the future. With in-roof panels, no mounting frame is needed and the panels replace a section of roof tiles which means there is no additional weight.

Reduced Costs

As the in-roof technology has grown in popularity, more manufacturers are offering integrated solutions with more affordable costs. Also, integrated solar is a cheaper option than a complete solar roof replacement.


New build solar installation

Logan is equipped to offer services to new build contractors from single panel installations to larger systems as we have extensive experience in the new build sector.

We most commonly fit the Viridian Clearline Fusion range of roof-integrated solar panels, although we can install other manufacturers such as SunFit, GSE and Easy Roofs.

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