Off Grid Solar

Storing energy generated by solar panels during the day and making it available during the evening.

Isolated homes with no mains electricity supply either have to make do without electricity or generate their own. For these houses, a renewable electricity generation system – using wind, water or solar power to generate power – could be the answer.

With an off-grid renewable energy system from Logan Installations you will become:

  • Completely independent from external energy supplies
  • Avoid spiralling diesel generation costs
  • For remote homes, save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges

Living with an off-grid system is never like living on the mains, but it can be cheaper than getting a mains connection and is much cheaper and quieter than running a generator.

Logan Installations will expertly design an off-grid solar system tailored to your energy requirements by using industry leading products backed with leading manufacturers warranty.

Minimising Power Use

The first step in setting up an off-grid renewables system is to minimise your electricity use. This is important for all home renewables systems, but if you’re off the grid it’s vital.

Reducing the electricity you need will reduce the size and capital cost of any renewable energy systems for electricity.


The heart of most off-grid systems is the battery store. A bank of deep-cycle batteries will store electricity when it is generated and provide power for when it is needed. Batteries can be charged by multiple generation technologies: you might have an exposed site with a wind turbine, some photovoltaic panels to provide input during windless spells, and a diesel generator as backup and for running high-power appliances for short periods.


Electricity from the batteries can be used directly to run low-voltage lighting and perhaps other direct-current (DC) appliances. However, most systems include an inverter to produce mains voltage alternating current (AC), to run standard appliances.

The inverter may act as a battery charger, as well as looking after the batteries.

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