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Reduce your monthly outgoings on your energy bills

With the big six energy companies increasing costs and the uncertainty of Brexit looming, there’s no better time to have solar PV installed. Reduce your monthly outgoings on your energy bills and make money from the Feed In Tariff while contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

We can maintain and upgrade under-performing solar PV systems, here we would suggest upgrading the system with a solar edge inverter with power optimisers to maximise solar generation. You keep your original panels and the system is “battery ready” if you decide to add battery storage for your PV system in the future.

We are committed to reducing fuel poverty in Scotland by installing renewable technologies – see the Energy Saving Trust website to see if you qualify for a grant.

Solar panels
Solar panels

Benefits of solar energy

Solar PV installation is definitely a great investment to make, not only for your property but also for the environment. Here are a few advantages of solar energy:

  • Renewable energy source – one of the most important benefits of solar energy is that it is available every day and you can never run out of it. It is accessible to all of us as long as we have the sun.
  • It reduces your electricity bills – since your electricity needs will mostly be met by your solar PV system, your energy bills will minimise. In addition to that, if your system is connected to the grid and generates more energy than you require, the surplus will be exported back and you will receive bonus payments.
  • Low maintenance required – solar PV systems don’t generally need a lot of maintenance and cleaning them about two times a year will be enough. Therefore, after the initial cost of your solar system, you can expect a very low spending on maintenance and repair costs.
  • Continuous technology development – another great advantage of solar PV systems, is that the technology in this industry is constantly advancing and going further any future innovations will potentially improve the effectiveness of solar PV systems.

Commercial Solar PV Installation

Why Choose Commercial Solar Panels For Your Business? Big or small and no matter what your sector or industry, your business can enjoy many benefits from installing commercial solar panels. Whether you’re looking to lower your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint or prepare your business energy supply for the future, solar panels could be the perfect energy solution for your business.

Logan Installations can help you arrange funding for your Commerical Solar needs. In some cases, you may even get your project fully funded with a Power Purchase Agreement where you will benefit from free solar electricity and enter into a contract for reduced energy costs.

Solar panels

“We are truly delighted with our new solar PV installation. Jonny worked tirelessly to complete the job; the wiring is extremely neat and tidy. The latest panels perform better in low light, so even on overcast days, our base load is covered. And when the sun shines we can charge our electric car for free! Logan Installations offers excellent value for money all round and we have no hesitation in recommending this firm.”

Chris Attkins - Solar Customer

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