SolarEdge Smart Solar

Using SolarEdge, you can save money and power your home with green, future- ready solar technology.

Making your solar energy smarter

SolarEdge brings high-performance smart energy to your home. Using power optimized solar modules with advanced smart energy management, you’ll save energy – good for the planet and good for your bank balance.

By upgrading your system to SolarEdge optimised inverter technology, each panel produces its maximum energy, mismatch losses are eliminated, and you can earn more money from your feed in tariff. As certified approved installers and trained by SolarEdge you can be assured we will take care of the entire process from survey through to installation hassle free.

Reasons to upgrade to a SolarEdge smart PV system

  • Your solar PV panels are underperforming
  • You have shading from trees, chimneys, sky dishes or other houses
  • Your panels are spilt orientated on different roofs
  • Your solar inverter is out of warranty
  • The installation company is no longer trading
  • You want to save more and be future-ready

Benefits of SolarEdge vs. traditional systems

There are numerous benefits of an optimised system from solarEdge

Peace of mind

12-year standard warranty on all SolarEdge inverters and 25-year warranty on power optimisers.

Panel level monitoring

Yes, you really can see how much each panel is producing and access remote troubleshooting.

Increased power

SolarEdge power optimisers eliminate power losses to maximize your energy production.

Free lifetime app access

The SolarEdge monitoring portal brings you updates on your system performance anytime, anywhere.

Faster return on investment

Take control of electricity bills by maximizing your self-consumption and increasing your revenue.

Enhanced safety

With integrated SafeDC, DC wires are automatically de-energised to protect you and your property.

Monitor your SolarEdge site anytime, anywhere

The SolarEdge monitoring application lets you perform remote monitoring, on the go, directly from your mobile device. The app enables you to view real-time, online data of your solar performance to ensure maximum solar energy harvesting.

Intuitive Dashboard

At-a-glance view of the site’s energy production levels. Past measurements are all available at the tap of a finger.

Automatic Alerts

Recieve alerts on system issues and visually identify facets, shaded areas, module mismatch, and much more.

Solar Data

Real-time and forecasted weather data is displayed to help you evaluate the system’s performance.

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Ready to start saving with smart solar?

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